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Weight loss plan for kidney transplant patients – Weight loss plan for kidney transplant patients.

Weight loss plan for kidney transplant patients

The one who has had kidney transplant has higher potential to gain the weight. It is based on the research of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Renal Unit. Then, it will be not so good for the appearance as well as the health condition. Consequently, to balance the weight after having a transplant, the patient should do a diet program. Here is the information about weight loss plan for kidney transplant patients that is healthy and safe.


Consult to doctor for ideal weight

It is important to always know the condition of your body weight whether it is proper or over. The ideal weight for everyone can be different based on the types of the body and the height. by asking the doctor you can manage the dietary. Usually, the doctors also recommend the food you should consume and the ones which should be avoided.


Start to exercise

Exercise is one of the healthy ways to lose the weight. For the kidney transplant patient who wants to lose the sight, a cardiovascular exercise is worth. That exercise can control the weight as well improve the blood circulation, muscle tone, and others. The routine exercise like jogging or even walking are beneficial for the patient. for 30 minutes of exercise in three times a week is really helpful. It will be better if you ask your doctor first for which exercise fit for you.


Avoid the sugary and salty food and beverages

Sugary food and beverage contain high calories and they are not allowed kind of food in the case to lose the weight. The food you can consume is such like fruit and vegetables that have high fiber and nutrients. In addition, because the kidney transplant patient has higher potential to have diabetes, the sugar should be avoided. Then, the weight loss plan for kidney transplant patients is also to avoid the excess of salty food. it is because salt can disturb the blood pressure whereas you should maintain the healthy pressure of blood.


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