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Weight Loss After Mirena Removal – Weight Loss After Mirena Removal

Weight Loss After Mirena Removal

Mirena is a kind of contraceptive that is indicated containing levonorgestrel hormone. That hormone is similar to progesterone hormone that can increase the appetite. So that it is possible if the ones who consume Mirena gain more weight. For you who need the weight loss after Mirena removal tips, here we serve.


#1 Meet The Doctor First

before deciding to reduce your weight, you should have a consultation with the doctor first. Your doctor will explain the cause of your excess weight and also evaluate your health. then try to ask the doctor what method of diet that is appropriate to your condition. thus, it makes the weight loss plan run effectively.


#2 Exercise as Always

exercise is the important role in burning the calories so that you can lose your weight. You can run the routine exercise as you like for 30 minutes for at least 3 times in a week. If you have not much time to exercise, at least you can walk every day. to reach the nearer place, you can leave your vehicle and try to walk.


#3 manage your food

To decrease the appetite, you should choose the right ingredient for your eating. Lower the salt and sugar consumption because it can promote the weight. Try to consume the high-fiber foods and lean protein. Vegetables and fruit are the most appropriate ones. Besides you can also consume some low carb foods like potatoes and whole grain. The low-fat dairy product like yogurt and soybean milk is also good. carry the snack with low calories as the stock when you start to crave.


#4 drink water sufficiently

Pure water is really workout in promoting weight loss. It can help in burning the calories and fat in the body. drink 8 glasses of pure water every day can make your body hydrated. Besides, it can reduce the weight, water also can make your skin healthier. It is the simplest way of weight loss after Mirena removal.


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