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Home Remedies for Asthma – Home Remedies for Asthma

Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma, a shortness of breath and difficulty breathing that is caused by inflammation of the airways. Responds to a variety of home remedies.  Finding the one that works best for you may take some time. However, as you will need to try each one for several days to see if it helps alleviate the symptoms over time.


Long-term Home Remedy for Asthma

In order to keep the inflammation of the bronchi in the lungs under control. Try drinking a teaspoon of honey stirred into a glass of water three times a day.  This simple solution soothes the chronic inflammation that is characteristic of asthma.

You can also try a ginger tea that is steeped with some minced garlic twice daily. Although this is a bit spicy and may not appeal to some people.  If you prefer something milder, try a teaspoon of turmeric straight off the spoon. Followed by a full glass of milk two or three times daily.

A fragrant and flavorful home remedy for asthma is a hot tea brewed from one quart of boiling water with one teaspoon each of chamomile, mullein leaves, passionflower leaves and Echinacea root.  A cup of this two to four times daily will result in airways that are less susceptible to inflammation.  A tea from blanched cherry tea bark has the same helpful effect.

For those who don’t want to sip tea several times a day. Cranberries are one of several excellent home remedies for asthma that are quick and easy.  Just mash up two or three teaspoons of cooked cranberries each morning and eat.  This is tasty, easy to digest way to treat asthma daily.

You can also try a paste made of one medium-sized, shredded radish, a tablespoon of honey and a juice of one lemon.  Mix these together and warm gently to make a paste and take one teaspoonful every morning.  If you prefer molasses to honey, try adding one gram of black pepper and one gram of powdered ginger to a teaspoon of molasses and swallowing each morning.


Home Remedies for Acute Asthma Attacks

Occasionally, despite using home remedies for asthma control, you may have an acute asthma attack.  When this happens, you want to open the airways as quickly as possible.  Sometimes simply putting a jar of fresh honey under your nose and inhaling the aroma deeply will be enough to soothe the bronchi and reduce the swelling so that you breathe easier.  Sitting in a hot, steamy bathroom with the shower running can also quickly get an acute asthma attack under control, as can drinking a hot cup of coffee.  The combination of warmth and caffeine is especially helpful.

If you have time, try steaming some caraway seeds and breathing in the vapours.  This home remedy uses caraway seeds’ anti-inflammatory and soothing effects as well as their natural antibiotic qualities.

Another one of the many old world home remedies for asthma that is very effective during an acute attack is a salve for the chest.  Mix mustard oil with some camphor and rub on the chest so that the vapours can be breathed deeply.  These will quickly relax the airways and allow you to breathe easier.

Most home remedies for asthma are just as effective as costly prescription alternatives, but you should always have a doctor monitor your asthma for any changes just to be on the safe side.


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