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Home Remedies for Anxiety – Home Remedies for Anxiety

Home Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety shows itself in a number of different ways such as sleepless nights when you feel that a situation is out of your control. Common symptoms of anxiety include nausea, indigestion, headaches, high blood pressure, tense muscles, restlessness, fatigue and an inability to concentrate. In fact, people search for home remedies for anxiety more than almost any other ailment.

There are several ways to relieve mild to moderate anxiety with home remedies, but if your anxiety persists for several weeks and isn’t  responding to home treatments, you should consult your doctor for advice and possible medical intervention.  Anxiety should never be taken lightly.


Herbal Home Remedies for Anxiety

There are several herbal teas that will soothe your stress and calm anxiety.  The most popular ones are chamomile and rosemary teas. Both of which have soothing, mildly sedative effects that can relax tight muscles and reduce the tendency to worry too much.

Another popular herbal remedy is valerian which can be found in most health food stores. This herb relaxes the body, eases the mind and may make you drowsy, which is an excellent bonus if stress is keeping you awake at night.

California poppy can be found in capsule form at most herbalists. The root, leaves and flower extracts are combined to make a  powerful aid to restlessness and concentration problems.  This form of the poppy extract isn’t addictive and improves sleep for most users.

Sometimes generalized anxiety or a feeling worried or stressed can be the result of a vitamin or mineral deficiency.  Try taking calcium and magnesium supplements along with a B complex vitamin for two weeks and you should begin to see a  significant change in your anxiety levels.


Kitchen Home Remedies for Anxiety

For some people, a simple change in diet is an effective home remedy for anxiety.  Many people swear by eating two cups of celery or onion daily for up to two weeks.  This is easy to do by adding the celery or onion, whether cooked or raw, to your meals.   The potassium and folic acid in celery and onions help to reduce stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

To start your day off with a calmer outlook and better-coping skills, stir a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of nutmeg into a cup and orange juice and drink.  This is also an excellent drink to sip if your heart is racing after a particularly stressful situation.

Sometimes you don’t need to eat or swallow anything at all.  One of the best home remedies for anxiety is simply taking a leisurely walk or letting yourself relax and enjoy a nice, long soak in the tub.  You can add to the benefits of a bath by adding a bit of lavender, jasmine or sandalwood oil. All of which have aromatherapy properties that help ease stress and aid in relaxation.


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