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Home Remedies for Age Spots – Home Remedies for Age Spots

Home Remedies for Age Spots

If you’ve started to get age spots, you’re probably upset by these signs of aging on your skin. But you should know they aren’t really an indicator of age.  Age spots are signs of sun damage over the years.  The extra melanin in your skin accumulates in patches where there has been too much sun exposure, which is why they tend to first show up when we are in our forties or fifties.

One of the simplest home remedies for age spots is prevention. Don’t go out without sunscreen and avoid being in direct sunlight between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm whenever possible.  Of course, if you already have age spots (sometimes called age spots or liver spots). You want to know how to get rid of them.  You’re in luck because there are many ways to get rid of them without paying a fortune for fancy creams or lotions.

Vitamin E will fade most age spots and softens your skin in the process.  Try squeezing the vitamin E out of a capsule and gently rubbing into the age spots every day, and taking a dose vitamin E orally as well.  Within six to eight weeks, you should see significant fading.


Kitchen Home Remedies for Age Spots

The kitchen is a great source of easy home remedies for age spots or liver spots.  A few of them feature red onion or the juice of a red onion.  The easiest is simply to rub a thin slice of the red onion onto any age spots twice daily.  Although effective, this may take a few months, so be patient and persistent.  If you want to improve the effectiveness of the treatment, try squeezing the juice out of a shredded red onion and combine it with portions apple cider vinegar.  You can apply this liberally to your age spots twice daily until they have faded.

Garlic, a cousin of the onion, is also an effective home remedy for age spots.  Crush a garlic clove each evening and dab on the troublesome spots with a cotton ball.  You can use it during the day as well if you like, but you will smell strongly of garlic.


Home Remedy for Age Spot – Buttermilk

Many grandmothers swear by using buttermilk (specifically the butterfat portions) on age spots.  Some will suggest a combination of four tablespoons of buttermilk with two teaspoons of tomato juice (not paste).  Leave this mixture on the spots for a half hour every night, then gently wash away.

Acidic agents help fade age spots by gently removing the top layer of skin and bleaching the spots.  Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of orange juice make a very effective fading solution that’s gentle to the skin.

If you notice that your age spots are dry or rough to the touch, try massaging them twice a day with a few drops of castor oil.  This will not only fade them but moisturize and soothe the rough spots.

Chickpeas, sometimes called garbanzo beans, can be mashed into a paste with a few drops of water for a home remedy for age spots that works fairly quickly.  If you apply the paste to the spots each evening and let it dry before you wash it off. You should see results in four to six weeks.

Finally, if you’re looking for a complex but extremely effective fade cream. One of the best home remedies for age spots can be whipped up in your kitchen.  Combine one teaspoon grated horseradish root with ½ teaspoon lemon juice (freshly squeezed), ½ teaspoon vinegar and three drops of essential oil.  Apply the paste twice a day for best results.


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